I'm Kevin, a mid-twenties developer. This, nehalist.io, is my personal (tech) blog where I write about things I like and think are worthy to write about.

What I do

I'm currently working for Lorem Ipsum web.solutions in Graz. But software development is not just my job - it's my passion. Ever since I've been a child I like to understand the "Why?" and "How?", hence spending (probably way too much) time in front of computers trying to extend my knowledge and becoming better at whatever I do.

Throughout my entire life and career I've been working with numerous technologies - some of them used professionally (meaning "I got paid for messing around with them"), some of them just out of curiosity and fun (meaning "a lot of people don't understand why I do this if I don't get paid for it"). These technologies include:

  • Javascript: Angular (1, 2+), VueJS, jQuery, TypeScript, WebPack
  • PHP: Symfony, Laravel, WordPress
  • NodeJS: SailsJS, Express, socket.io
  • CSS: Bootstrap, SASS
  • Design: Photoshop
  • Databases: SQL

Preferably working on Linux.

Open Source

You can find all my open source contributions on my GitHub account.


If you want to say Hello or just get in touch with me, drop me a message at hello@nehalist.io.